Hardware Purchase

Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) has partnered with select hardware vendors to offer discounted hardware in several configurations. These machines are available for individual or departmental purchase for University use. Some of these configurations are also available as nodes in ITaP-maintained Community Clusters, offering faculty and researchers enormous benefits over operating this equipment themselves. For more information on ITaP Community Clusters, please see our Community Cluster Overiew.

Community Cluster Options

Faculty and researchers may purchase nodes in an ITaP-maintained Community Cluster. ITaP Community Clusters offer peace of mind, lower overhead, and are more cost-effective than operating computational resources yourself.

  • ITaP is currently offering purchase of access to Conte. To purchase access to Conte today, go to the Conte Access Purchase page. For updates on the ITaP's community cluster program, please subscribe to the mailing list of the Community Cluster Program.
  • Although it is no longer possible to order nodes for installation in the Carter, Hansen, or Rossmann clusters, access to a limited quantity of some configurations is still available. For more information, please contact us via email at rcac-cluster-purchase@lists.purdue.edu.