Conte Cluster Access Purchase

Conte Cluster


Thank you for your interest in purchasing access to the Conte Community Cluster. Access to a number of nodes in Conte is still available. Our ordering system will guide you through the following steps as you place your order.

  1. Go to the Conte Order Form.
  2. Log in using your Purdue career account.
  3. Select the type of nodes you would like and enter the number you wish to order.
  4. Read and consent to the MOU agreement.
  5. Enter Purdue account numbers and the amounts to be charged to each account.
  6. Enter a budget justification for any account numbers which require one.
    Fund numbers beginning with the number "4" will require a budget justification.

You may view your orders at any time. Once your business offices have approved the accounts provided, we will set up your queue and direct you to our self-serve account management portal where you can grant access to any researchers or students you wish to authorize.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at For updates on ITaP's Community Cluster Program, please subscribe to our Community Cluster Program Mailing List.