Scratch File Purging

ITaP provides all users of research computing systems with a scratch directory. ITaP research scratch directories are available for short-term storage of files. There is no backup service for scratch directories, and files stored in them will be removed after 90 days. In the event of a disk crash or file removal, files in scratch directories are not recoverable. Please be sure to save copies of all important files elsewhere for long-term storage.

ITaP scans all scratch directories weekly to identify files older than 83 days. The owners of those files receive notification via email that their files in an ITaP scratch directory will be removed the following week. You can use the purgelist command to see a list of all your files which are currently scheduled for removal:

$ purgelist

The next purge run for scratch file systems is scheduled for Tue Nov 10, 2009.
The following files owned by myusername will be removed from scratch95:


Files listed by purgelist will be permanently removed on the date shown. If you need to keep any of these files, please copy them elsewhere.

Please send email to if you have questions or need assistance in copying your files to a more permanent location.