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Current Students

Here you can find out about the Students who work for RCAC, their interests, and the projects they have worked on!

Aaron Ni's Profile Photo

Aaron Ni

Programmer, Envision Center

Aaron is a Computer Science Major who has been with RCAC since Febrary of 2023. He works in the Envision center as a Programmer. Aaron loves trying new things, as well as hiking and exploring new areas! He loves the sense of adventure and uncertainty that comes with discovering paths less-traveled.

Aryan Jain's Profile Photo

Aryan Jain

Research Support Dev

Aryan is a Computer Science major who has been with RCAC since March of 2022. He is currently developing a framework that will enable identification and anonymization of system logs in order to help streamline their use for other scientifc research such as failure detection or diagnosis. Aryan is passionate about Cybersecurity and would like to pursue a career in it!

Augusto's Profile Photo

Augusto Butkewitsch

Programmer, Envision Center

Augusto has been with RCAC since August of 2023, and is a Statistics Major. He is a programmer at the Envision Center, working in Unity to create virtual environments and educational games and loves playing violin!

Dhruv Sujatha's Profile Photo

Dhruv Sujatha

Research Assistant

Having been with RCAC since January of 2022, Dhruv's notable projects include representing RCAC at the Student Cluster Competition in SC22 where he was responsible for setting up the hardware and backend to run the HPC workloads on--as well as a project to inventory and centralize RCAC Compute Resources. His current focus is on preparing a team to compete in the IndySCC. Dhruv loves watching Formula One and playing Pool.

Divya's Profile Photo

Divya Sree Pulipati

Research Assistant

Divya has been with RCAC since May of 2023, and is a Computer and Information Technology Major. Divya is a tech enthusiast and is passionate about exploring and learning new things.

Dwijen Chawra's Profile Photo

Dwijen Chawra

Research Assistant

Dwijen has been with RCAC since September of 2022. He works on the deployment of the Ceph Storage Cluster, as well as general cluster maintenance. Dwijen is on the IndySCC Team this year. Dwijen is Tri-Lingual, speaking English, Hindi, Gujararti, and even a bit of French!

Jackson's Profile Photo

Jackson Barda

Programmer, Envision Center

Jackson has been with RCAC since June of 2022, and is a Game Design and Development Major. Jackson's favorite game is Rainbow 6 Siege.

Julien's Profile Photo

Julian Triveri

Artist/Programmer, Envision Center

Julian is an artist and programmer at the Envision Center, creating visualizations, virtual labs, and other interactive educational software. Julien is majoring in Animation/VFX

Kate Koury's Profile Photo

Kate Koury

2D/3D Artist, AR/VR

Kate has been with RCAC since March of 2020. She double majored in CGT and Studio Art, and is currently getting her Masters in GCT. Kate is a 2D and 3D Artist in the Envision Center, making art for the Augmented and Virtual Reality Division of RCAC. Kate also participated in Purdue Study Abroad where she studied in Italy and Greece!

Keegan Adams' Profile Photo

Keegan Adams

Research Support Dev

Keegan has been with RCAC since March 2021, and originally helped with the creation of the CUI page on the RCAC website, as well as installation of ANVIL. Now, he works primarily in maintaining documentation concerning the Student Program, as well as occasional work on keeping the RCAC website up to date.

Luke Miller's Profile Photo

Luke Miller

Graphic Artist, Envision Center

Luke has been with RCAC since September of 2023 and is an Animation/Visual Effects Major. He is a graphic artist for the Envision Center, passionate about 3D art, and is very excited to pursue a career in games!

Michael Nelson's Profile Photo

Michael Nelson

Simulation Developer

Michael has been with RCAC since September of 2019, and is working on his Ph.D in Technology (CGT). He is a Simulation Developer working on networked web, Augmented, and Virtual Reality Applications for training and research. His research focus is Virtual Reality movement systems and he has even built a skateboard-like controller.

Pedro's Profile Photo

Pedro Acevedo

Programmer, Envision Center

Pedro has been with RCAC since June of 2023, and is working on is Ph.D in Computer Graphics Technology (CGT). He is an international Student from Columbia, and likes to play old video games. He says "The more pixelated, the better." Additionally, Pedro is a software development enthusiast!

Sathvika Kotha's Profile Photo

Sathvika Kotha

Research Assistant

Sathvika is a Computer and Information Technology Major and has been with RCAC since September of 2022. She is passionate about research and would consider herself a research enthusiast.

Uma Claire Teelock's Profile Photo

Uma Claire Teelock

3D Artist, Envision Center

Uma is a Game Development and Design major working in the Envision Center as a 3D artist! She is currently playing Persona 5 Royal.

Vivek Ragavan's Profile Photo

Vivek Karunai Kiri Ragavan

Graduate Assistant

Vivek is a Computer and Information Technology major who has been with RCAC since August of 2023. He is a Quizzer and Tech Enthusiast!

William Yang's Profile Photo

William Yang

3D Artist

William has been with RCAC since March of 2022 and is a major in Animation and Japanese. He makes 3D art assets, primarily of lab equipment and buildings, to be used in VR simulations and virtual labs. He is also generally tasked with managing the motion capture equipment in the Envision Center.

Zachary Hanson's Profile Photo

Zachary Hanson

Programmer, Envision Center

Zachary has been with RCAC since January of 2023, and is a Data Science Major. He works on 3D Weather Visualizations, and has his private pilots license!