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Laura Theademan's Profile Photo

Laura Theademan

Mentor to Amari Gardner

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Why be a Mentor?

I enjoy working with students and helping them learn things that aren't taught in the classroom, that will help prepare them for their professional career after graduation. Regardless of being a mentor or a mentee, the program provides everyone the opportunity to learn and grow together.

Amanda Hassenplug's Profile Photo

Amanda Hassenplug

Mentor to Keegan Adams

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Why be a Mentor?

"Being a mentor is incredibly rewarding role where I can share my experiences, offer advice, and watch students grow into confident professionals, ready to tackle the world after graduation. It's about providing guidance in an environment that allows for success, while showing them the exciting possibilities that await in a future professional role."

Luke Monroe's Profile Photo

Luke Monroe

Mentor to Dwijen Chawra


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Why be a Mentor?

"I enjoy seeing students find success and being able to share insights and support to their academic and professional endeavors. I believe students who are a part of it can gain more from their Purdue experience than would otherwise be possible without it."

Rajesh Kalyanam's Profile Photo

Rajesh Kalyanam

Mentor to Divya Sree, Yiqing Qu

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Why be a Mentor?

"The mentor/mentee program is very important to ensure that we have a consistent set of practices and resources for all mentors and mentees in RCAC. I love working with students since they often have a lot of energy and time to work through complex issues that full time staff may not have the time to do when working on multiple projects."