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Student Program


Recent Accomplishments

Our Student Program has accomplished many things during the 2022-2023 year. During the academic year, we had four new system-facing students. During this time, these students were introduced to the data center to learn beyond the racking of the systems. Three of our system-facing students will attend the Super Computing 22 conference and compete in the Student Cluster Challenge with students from Indiana University. We recruited eighteen research-facing students embedded in the organization. The research-facing students built tools to support the research community and worked with researchers on data visualization with the latest VR and other technologies. In this program, students not only learn and improve their technical skills, but they also learn valuable lessons in relationship management skills through their research-facing projects.

In 2023 we incorporated assessment into the Student program. Surveys were conducted to evaluate the overall program and the mentors assigned to the student. With mentoring at the heart of the program, we are working to produce a mentor handbook and will share it broadly with the research computing community. Within our mentoring program, we meet bi-monthly to assist in coaching the mentors to ensure they and the students are successful.

Student Showcase

This section showcases the excellence of our students work and projects. It serves as a dynamic canvas where innovation and passion converge to captivate and inspire. Join us as we celebrate the diversity of student ingenuity and bring learning to life on the digital stage!

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Previous Poster Sessions

This section will contain photos of students and their work