Student Application Support

Job Overview
Description: The student in this position will primarily be working in a collaborative environment to maintain and develop computational applications. This will involve compiling and debugging applications and running tests and benchmarks in various environments. Students will also support users and answer questions on the use of applications and the operations of HPC clusters.
The student in this position will work with experienced staff in the support of large HPC clusters and staff experienced with computational applications and data sets. Through this experience, the student will have an opportunity to build skills in multiple areas of science and computational computing. The student will also have an opportunity to become familiar with some of the tools and processes used in HPC at large national supercomputing centers.
  • Experience compiling from source code
  • Experience in C, Python, and or Fortran
  • Experience with parallel programming
Majors / Year: All majors welcome.
Hours: 10–20 hours per week, classes permitting, during normal business hours.
Pay: $12.00 / hour (no graduate assistantships) 
Starting: Spring 2020 - We will start interviewing in Nov. 2019. Submit your application and we will reach out to you.
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