Ann Christine Catlin

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Senior Research Scientist

Catlin's research interests include the design and development of problem solving environments and knowledge base systems; architecture and technologies for web-based scientific research databases; data platforms for the preservation, exploration, and discovery of research data; interactive collaborative tools for data collection and data viewing; and analytics for medical and scientific data to support communities of research and practice.

She is the creative and architectural lead in developing web-based data technologies for medcial and scientific research databases on the hubzero platform. She has developed innovative solutions for data acquisition, data exploration and analytics for more than 40 collaborative database systems, and is now creating a unique, feature-rich, self-serve platform to support research data sharing, computation, results traceability, dataset publication and discovery.

Catlin's work has been funded by grants from the NSF, NIH, FDA, DoD, NIPTE, NIST, medical research foundations, and academic research centers. She has partnered with medical and scientific research groups worldwide to provide collaborative knowledge-based data platforms.


  • B.S., Mathematics, Seton Hall University (1977)
  • M.S., Mathematics, University of Notre Dame (1980)

Grants and Awards

  • NSF CIF21 DIBBs: EI: Creating a Digital Environment for Enabling Data-driven Science (DEEDS) Building a self-serve data platform that is effective across disciplines and supports 1) collection, organization, preservation of research data, 2) launching of computations and tracking of research workflows, 3) exploration, sharing, publication and discovery of research datasets.
  • NIPTE/FDA: Excipient Risk Assessment Knowledge Base and Decision Support System for the analysis of FMEA risk assignments associated with excipient use in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • International Thymic Malignancy Interest Group: Prospective Database and research platform to support collection and analysis of clinical data for patients with thymic malignancies, supports contribution from more than 100 hospitals worldwide.
  • Center for Medication Safety Advancement: The SafeRx Interactive Query System for exploration, analysis and visualization of adverse drug events reported to the FDA by consumers, manufacturers and healthcare providers.
  • NIH/Yale University: Sankofa Database and research platform supports collection and analysis of clinical, behavioral and psychosocial data for pediatric HIV disclosure intervention.

Selected Publications

  • Korst R, Catlin AC, Rutledge J, Girard N, Huang J, Detterbeck F, “Positron Emission Tomography in Thymic Tumors: Analysis Using a Prospective Research Database”, The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, Vol 104, Issue 6, Pages 1815–1820. 2017
  • Thorlton J, Catlin AC, “Innovations for Enhancing Evidence Based Practice: Data Mining for Adverse Drug Events”, Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing. 2017 (under review)
  • Ofori-Atta A, Reynolds N, Antwi S, Renner L, Nichols J, Lartey M, Amissah K, Tetteh J, Alhassan A, Pokuaa I, Ofori I, Catlin AC, Geliang G, Kyriakides T, Paintsil E, 'Prevalence and Predictors of Depression among Caregivers who have not Disclosed their Child's HIV Status in Ghana', AIDS and Behavior 2017 (under review)
  • Renner L, Kyriakides T, Obeng W, Sampson A, Lartey M, Ofori-Atta A, Tettey JK, Amisah KA, Catlin AC, Reynolds N, Paintsil E. “Low Prevalence of Depression among HIV-infected Children who do not know their HIV Status in Ghana.” AIDS and Behavior. 2017 (under review).
  • Catlin AC, HewaNadungodage C, Pujol S, Laughery L, Sim C, Puranam A, Bejarano A, “A Cyber Platform for Sharing Scientific Research Data at DataCenterHub.” IEEE Computing in Science and Engineering. 2017. (accepted)
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