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Media Creation

Let the Envision Center produce your high-fidelity renderings for educational, training, and publication purposes.

At right is a video of some of our media creation work, and below are some of our past projects.

Mars Formation

Mars Formation

Seeking an improved method for explaining his research, Professor David Minton asked the Envision Center to create a visually interesting yet scientifically accurate video on the formation of Mars based on his work, including what its low density and location in the solar system may tell scientists. This video provides a window into the past, allowing an opportunity to see events that took place during the formation of the planets billions of years ago. Envision Center's work for Dr. Minton and others was highlighted in the Winter 2012 edition of Dimensions of Discovery.

MEMS Visualization

MEMS Visualization

PRISM, one of the five academic alliance centers of the National Nuclear Security Administration, contracted the Envision Center to create a video to explain what MEMS are as well as PRISM's research into the reliability and integrity of MEMS. These devices are smaller than Lincoln's nose on a penny, so we were able to recreate them in a digital environment where their form and function can be better examined.


Negishi Work

As part of an effort to explain Nobel Prize winner Dr. Ei-ichi Negishi's work, the Envision Center generated an animation of the method to create carbon-carbon couplings he developed. Using 3D modeling and compositing techniques, representations of the tiny carbon bonds were utilized to showcase that, with the addition of palladium, two carbon atoms that would normally have difficulty combining to create a carbon-carbon bond could be joined with ease.