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Virtual Simulation

Let the Envision Center create your new virtual environments for training and simulation deployable to mobile devices, web, and the VR Theater.

At right is a video of some of our virtual simulation work, and below are some of our past projects.

Pharmacy Cleanroom

Virtual Cleanroom

To provide an opportunity for Purdue pharmacy students to experience working in a cleanroom, the Envision Center was tasked by Dr. Steven Abel to create a Virtual Pharmacy Cleanroom. The virtual cleanroom gives pharmacy students a chance to apply theoretical knowledge in a more practical, albeit computer-generated, setting. As the costs involved with establishing and maintaining a physical facility would be prohibitively expensive, the virtual cleanroom is a cost-effective solution to enabling the students to engage in this activity.

Accessible Biomedical Immersion Laboratory (ABIL)

Virtual ABIL

You can explore a recreation of Purdue's own Accessible Biomedical Immersion Laboratory (ABIL) as a virtual environment in Unity in a variety of ways, including walking, seated in a wheelchair, or navigating with an impaired field of vision. Working with Brad Duerstock and Phillip Dunston, the Virtual ABIL Lab demonstrates what is needed for a physically impaired worker to operate efficiently in a Biomedical Lab. Using Unity's collisions and constraints, the laboratory can be experienced under a variety of different circumstances.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Virtual ICU

The Envision Center created a Virtual Intensive Care Unit (ICU), offering nurses in training an opportunity to practice following procedure by learning through interactive immersion. As a collaboration of Nursing, Civil Engineering, and Building Construction Management at Purdue, the Virtual Intensive Care Unit was developed to allow students in the nursing program to experience interaction with an impatient doctor while ensuring that all procedures are correctly followed.