My SSH connection hangs

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Your console hangs while trying to connect to a RCAC Server.

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This can happen due to various reasons. Most common reasons for hanging SSH terminals are:

  • Network: If you are connected over wifi, make sure that your Internet connection is fine.
  • Busy front-end server: When you connect to a cluster, you SSH to one of the front-ends. Due to transient user loads, one or more of the front-ends may become unresponsive for a short while. To avoid this, try reconnecting to the cluster or wait until the server you have connected to has reduced load.
  • File system issue: If a server has issues with one or more of the file systems (home, scratch, or depot) it may freeze your terminal. To avoid this you can connect to another front-end.

If neither of the suggestions above work, please contact specifying the name of the server where your console is hung.


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