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Accounts on Weber

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Access to Weber may only be granted to projects subject to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) regulations, including International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). For more information, please visit the Export Controls office website . Questions about accessing this cluster may be directed to

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In addition to login credentials for Weber itself, you will need access to a restricted Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to connect to Weber. Login to the VPN is through BoilerKey, using two-factor authentication.

Weber users can apply for approval of themselves through Purdue Boilerkey management page. Click on the Manage link in the center and Where you use Boilerkey in the second row of icons. Scroll down to the section of "Boilerkey Services you are eligible to request" and click on Request for cui. Once it is approved, you should receive a email notification and cui should appear in the "Boilerkey Services Approved for Use" section.

Link to section 'BoilerKey' of 'Accounts on Weber' BoilerKey

Information about BoilerKey can be found here and a self-serve page to request a BoilerKey is here

You can choose to request either a physical keyfob device or a smartphone app for your BoilerKey access. In either case, you will need to use your BoilerKey each time you want to connect your workstation to the VPN.


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