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How is my Data Secured on Data Workbench?

Data Workbench is operated in line with policies, standards, and best practices as described within Secure Purdue, and specific to Research Computing Resources.

Security controls for Data Workbench are based on ones defined in NIST cybersecurity standards.

Data Workbench supports research at the L1 fundamental and L2 sensitive levels. Data Workbench is not approved for storing data at the L3 restricted (covered by HIPAA) or L4 Export Controlled (ITAR), or any Controlled Unclassfied Information (CUI).

For resources designed to support research with heightened security requirements, please look for resources within the REED+ Ecosystem.

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Can I share data with outside collaborators?

Yes! Globus allows convenient sharing of data with outside collaborators. Data can be shared with collaborators' personal computers or directly with many other computing resources at other institutions. See the Globus documentation on how to share data:

Can I access Fortress from Data Workbench?

Yes. While Fortress directories are not directly mounted on Data Workbench for performance and archival protection reasons, they can be accessed fromData Workbench front-ends and nodes using any of the recommended methods of HSI, HTAR or Globus.


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