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Home Directory

Home Directory

Overview of Home Directory

Your Home Directory for all ITaP research resources is provided by a DDN GS7KX filesystem appliance.

/home is the primary space used to permanently hold files for a given user. This space has a quota which can be monitored at any time by using a myquota command.

All Home Directory spaces currently reside on a self-contained GPFS storage system that provides redundant, high-availability disk space and is a central component of ITaP's research systems infrastructure.

Detailed Hardware Specification

ITaP uses network attached storage (NAS) appliances from DDN to provide scale-out Home Directory space to cluster systems. This storage is reliable, backed-up (via snapshots), and is globally available on all ITaP research systems. Your Home Directory is medium-performance, non-purged space suitable for tasks like sharing data, editing files, developing and building software, and many other uses.

Your Home Directory is not designed or intended for use as high-performance working space for running jobs.

Home Directory Policies

The following ITaP research policies are particularly related to your Home Directory: