Storage Resources

ITaP maintains several different storage resources to accompany computational systems. Here is a brief introduction to research storage resources. More information and detailed documentation are available for each resource listed below.

  • Research Data Depot

    Research Data Depot

    The Research Data Depot is a new service from ITaP Research Computing (RCAC) that provides a high-capacity, fast, reliable and secure data storage system designed, configured and operated for the needs of Purdue researchers and campus units in any field and shareable with both on-campus and off-campus collaborators.

  • Group Storage

    Group Storage

    ITaP Research Computing now offers shared research group storage available from all research clusters or directly usable from labs at a competitive price.

  • Scratch Storage

    Scratch Storage For Scratch Storage, each cluster is assigned a default Lustre parallel filesystem. The Lustre filesystems provide work-area storage optimized for a wide variety of job types, and are designed to perform well with data-itensive computations, while scaling well to large numbers of simultaneous connections.

  • Home Directories

    Home Directories Home Directories to all ITaP research resources comes from an EMC Isilon filesystem.

    /home is the primary space used to permanently hold files for a given user. This space has a quota which can be adjusted with the BoilerBackpack Quota Management tool

    Home Directories currently resides on 3 PB of redundant, high-availability disk space and is a central component of ITaP's research systems infrastructure.

  • Fortress Archive (HPSS)

    Fortress Archive (HPSS) The Fortress Archive (HPSS) system is a large, long-term, multi-tiered file caching and storage system utilizing both online disk and robotic tape drives. ITaP upgraded Fortress Archive (HPSS) from DXUL to HPSS in October of 2011.