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Partner on Proposals

The mission of Purdue's ITaP Research Computing staff is to support and advance research discoveries at Purdue through partnerships with faculty, research groups and centers. Our research scientists collaborate with faculty on grant proposals and support them by providing cyberinfrastructure solutions to funded projects.

Our staff take on roles in proposals including (but not limited to) consulting on better utilization of high performance computing, providing data-intensive and high-throughput computing resources, improving scientific workflows, leading software design and development, creating, managing, and publishing large data collections, creating educational and outreach visualizations, and assisting with acquisition and/or access to local and national advanced cyberinfrastructure and resources. Our staff can also assist in creating your data management plan and provide requested text on ITaP equipment and facilities.

ITaP Research Computing staff can be funded to design, develop and deploy scientific applications on science gateways (portals). Once your application is deployed, it can be shared with users worldwide, enhancing your engagement and outreach opportunities.

Some examples of our past and current collaborative grants are:

ITaP Research Computing is a resource provider for the NSF funded national cyberinfrastructure XSEDE (formerly TeraGrid). It has deployed a new advanced computing resource, Anvil, in 2021. Anvil is formally in production Since Feb. 1, 2022. Our staff are actively working with our XSEDE partners and have extensive knowledge and experience with XSEDE resources and services as well as its many training and educational opportunities. We are well positioned to help the Purdue research community leverage XSEDE and other national resources such as the Open Science Grid in research and education proposals to funding agencies.

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