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GitHub & Version Control

Purdue IT operates a local instance of GitHub. This instance offers all the features of, however, it is under the control of and hosted by Purdue IT and is integrated with Purdue Career Accounts. Each research group is provided with and given full control over an organization within the GitHub instance where you may make as many repositories and configure access controls as desired. You also have the ability to make your repository private to your group so that your work is not public. It provides the full functionality of paid memberships with, at no cost to Purdue researchers.

Native Subversion repositories are no longer offered. However, if you are more comfortable using SVN commands, or have code that requires it, GitHub repositories may be interacted with using Subversion commands. How to get started with GitHub and documentation on using SVN with GitHub is provided.

Getting started on GitHub

The GitHub instance is offered to Purdue faculty, staff and students at no cost. To get started with GitHub, head to to access the system.

Access to this service is only available from campus networks. You will need to use Purdue's VPN to access this service from off campus.

Regular Maintenance

Regular planned maintenance on Purdue IT GitHub instance is scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month, 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Operations requiring connection to the central server (e.g. new check-outs or pull requests) may time out during the maintenance period. Operations with your own local repository will not be affected.

Further Information and Guides

Further information on getting started with GitHub is available in the GitHub User Guide.