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Future Trainings

For a list of planned future trainings, see the Events page.

Anvil Trainings

Purdue Trainings

  • Unix 101 covers the basics of working on a Linux/Unix system.

  • Unix 102 covers shells, file streams, and pipelines in Linux/Unix systems.

  • Unix 201 covers some more advanced topics in Linux/Unix computing.

  • Unix 202 covers additional advanced topics in Linux/Unix computing.

  • Clusters 101 covers the specifics of working with RCAC clusters.

  • Clusters 201 covers how to submit jobs on RCAC clusters.

  • Software Installation 101 covers the fundamentals of installing software on a Linux/Unix system.

  • Slurm Transition covers how to migrate your work from a PBS cluster to the new Slurm scheduler.

  • Python Package Installation covers how to install scientific Python applications on RCAC clusters.

  • Jupyter Kernels and HPC Is an intermediate level discussion of how the Jupyter system (JupyterHub, Jupyter Notebook, etc.) function at an application level on a distributed computing cluster.

  • Research Storage Overview covers RCAC storage resources and services, typical use cases, access methods and data management strategies and workflows.

  • The Fortress Tape Archive describes the use of the Fortress archive from a RCAC cluster through the hsi and htar commands.

  • Globus Overview gives an introduction and examples of using Globus platform for transferring and sharing research data securely and reliably.

  • Containers 101 gives an introduction and examples of using containers on RCAC clusters.

  • Biocontainers 101 gives an introduction and examples of using containers in bioinformatics.

  • Running Bioinformatics Analysis in HPC covers how to run bioinformatics analysis using clusters.

  • Data 101 for Machine Learning gives an introduction about how data is used for machine learning covering data collection, pre-processing, and exploratory data analysis.

  • Open OnDemand 101 gives an introduction about how open log in and interact with HPC resources via Open OnDemand.

  • Workflow Automation Tools for Many-Task Computing This workshop outlines this paradigm on a traditional SLURM cluster along with several solutions. Different tools and techniques are discussed in an escalating fashion covering various features and pitfalls.

  • NLP 101 provides an introduction to core concepts of modern natural language processing to help users get started with incorporating NLP into their work.

  • Time Series Forecasting 101 explores Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to analyze and forecast time series data in high-performance computing environments.