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Research Computing Staff

Preston Smith's Profile Photo

Preston Smith

Executive Director of the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing

Arman Pazouki's Profile Photo

Arman Pazouki

Director Scientific Applications

Christopher W Phillips's Profile Photo

Christopher W Phillips

Senior Manager / Lead Research Solutions Engineer, HPC

Eric W Adams's Profile Photo

Eric W Adams

Senior Manager, User Support

James W Johnson IV's Profile Photo

James W Johnson IV

Operations Manager

Laura J Theademan's Profile Photo

Laura J Theademan

Director, Center Operations and Visualization

  • Envision Center, Communications, Outreach and Engagement, Practice: Student Program

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Robert J Minvielle's Profile Photo

Robert J Minvielle

Senior Research Operations Manager, Scientific Applications

Xiaohui Carol Song's Profile Photo

Xiaohui Carol Song

Chief Scientist

Adrienne H Miller's Profile Photo

Adrienne H Miller

Technology Writer

Aeson Omar Akhras's Profile Photo

Aeson Omar Akhras

Visual Solutions Engineer

Amanda Lynn Hassenplug's Profile Photo

Amanda Lynn Hassenplug

Senior Research Operations Administrator

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Amanda M Warren-Glowe's Profile Photo

Amanda M Warren-Glowe

Program Manager, Envision Center

Amiya K Maji's Profile Photo

Amiya K Maji

Lead Computational Scientist

Brandon Shigeki Poindexter's Profile Photo

Brandon Shigeki Poindexter

Associate Research Solutions Engineer

Christopher S Thompson's Profile Photo

Christopher S Thompson

Lead Software Engineer

Elizabett A Hillery's Profile Photo

Elizabett A Hillery

Eric W Palmer's Profile Photo

Eric W Palmer

Lead Research Scientist

Erik S Gough's Profile Photo

Erik S Gough

Lead Computational Scientist

Geoffrey R Lentner's Profile Photo

Geoffrey R Lentner

Lead Research Data Scientist

  • Data Science, Astrophysics, Research Software Engineering, HPC Education

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George Takahashi's Profile Photo

George Takahashi

Lead Visualization Scientist

Guangzhen Jin's Profile Photo

Guangzhen Jin

Senior Computational Scientist

I Luk Kim's Profile Photo

I Luk Kim

Senior Computational Scientist

Jake Adam White's Profile Photo

Jake Adam White

Visual Solutions Engineer

Joseph Patrick Mulligan's Profile Photo

Joseph Patrick Mulligan

Software Engineer

Jungha Woo's Profile Photo

Jungha Woo

Lead Software Engineer

Justin Daniel Gillingham's Profile Photo

Justin Daniel Gillingham

HPC Instruction Specialist

Katherine Francis Gunderson's Profile Photo

Katherine Francis Gunderson

Digital Content Specialist

Kevin D Colby's Profile Photo

Kevin D Colby

Senior Research Data Scientist

Lan Zhao's Profile Photo

Lan Zhao

Research Scientist

Lev Gorenstein's Profile Photo

Lev Gorenstein

Senior Computational Scientist

  • Computational Chemistry, Engagement, HPC Education

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Luke James Monroe's Profile Photo

Luke James Monroe

Associate Research Solutions Engineer

Nannan Shan's Profile Photo

Nannan Shan

Senior Computational Scientist

  • computational chemistry, materials modeling, cheminformatics

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Nicholas P Smith's Profile Photo

Nicholas P Smith

Research Solutions Engineer

Paul Andrew Branham's Profile Photo

Paul Andrew Branham

Industry Business Development Director

Rajesh Kalyanam's Profile Photo

Rajesh Kalyanam

Research Scientist

Ramon L Williamson II's Profile Photo

Ramon L Williamson II

Senior Storage Administrator

Rick J Irvine's Profile Photo

Rick J Irvine

Storage Administrator

Robert A Campbell's Profile Photo

Robert A Campbell

Lead Software Engineer

Ruyi Li's Profile Photo

Ruyi Li

Research Computing Coordinator

Ryan T DeRue's Profile Photo

Ryan T DeRue

Senior Computational Scientist

Samuel A Weekly's Profile Photo

Samuel A Weekly

Associate Research Solutions Engineer

Sarah Rodenbeck's Profile Photo

Sarah Rodenbeck

Lead Research Data Scientist

Shawn M Rice's Profile Photo

Shawn M Rice

Lead Computational Scientist

Steckel Kira Bleier's Profile Photo

Steckel Kira Bleier

Administrative Assistant

Stefan R Piperov's Profile Photo

Stefan R Piperov

Senior Scientific Applications Analyst

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Stephen M Kelley's Profile Photo

Stephen M Kelley

Senior Scientific Applications Analyst

Tsai-Wei Wu's Profile Photo

Tsai-Wei Wu

Senior Computational Scientist

Yang Hong's Profile Photo

Yang Hong

Senior Computational Scientist

Yucheng Zhang's Profile Photo

Yucheng Zhang

Senior Life Science Scientist

Zachary W Weidner's Profile Photo

Zachary W Weidner

Lead Research Solutions Engineer