Research Computing Staff

Preston Smith's Profile Photo

Preston Smith

Executive Director of Research Computing

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Betsy Hillery

Assistant Director, High Performance Computing

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Alex Younts

Principal Research Engineer

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Ann Christine Catlin

Senior Research Scientist

X. Carol Song's Profile Photo

X. Carol Song

Senior Research Scientist

Xiao Zhu's Profile Photo

Xiao Zhu

Senior Research Scientist

Eric Adams's Profile Photo

Eric Adams

Program Manager

  • YONG 928
  • (765) 49-62945
  • Program Management, Education and Outreach

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Carolyn Ellis

Program Manager

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Laura Theademan's Profile Photo

Laura Theademan

Senior Operations Manager, Envision Center

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Kevin Colby's Profile Photo

Kevin Colby

Senior Research Data Scientist

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George Takahashi

Research Programmer

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Geoffrey Lentner's Profile Photo

Geoffrey Lentner

Data Scientist

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Lev Gorenstein's Profile Photo

Lev Gorenstein

Senior Computational Scientist

  • YONG 908
  • (765) 49-68281
  • Computational Chemistry, Engagement, HPC Education

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Steve Kelley's Profile Photo

Steve Kelley

Senior Scientific Applications Analyst

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Amiya Maji's Profile Photo

Amiya Maji

Senior Computational Scientist

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Tsai-Wei Wu's Profile Photo

Tsai-Wei Wu

Data Visualization Specialist

  • YONG 912
  • (765) 49-61871
  • Electrical Engineering, Scientific Visualization

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Erik Gough's Profile Photo

Erik Gough

Senior Computational Scientist

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Stefan Piperov's Profile Photo

Stefan Piperov

Scientific Applications Analyst

  • YONG 906
  • Experimental High Energy Physics Computing, CMS Tier-2 Support

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Shawn Rice

Senior Computational Scientist

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Chuck Schwarz's Profile Photo

Chuck Schwarz

HPC Systems Administrator

Jason St. John's Profile Photo

Jason St. John

HPC Systems Administrator

Christopher Phillips's Profile Photo

Christopher Phillips

Research Data Specialist

Joe Bottum's Profile Photo

Joe Bottum

Research Analyst

Zachary Weidner's Profile Photo

Zachary Weidner

Senior Research Solutions Engineer

Nick Smith's Profile Photo

Nick Smith

Research Solutions Engineer

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Nicole Brewer

Software Engineer

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Rob Campbell

Senior Scientific Programmer

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Chris Thompson's Profile Photo

Chris Thompson

Software Engineer

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Rajesh Kalyanam's Profile Photo

Rajesh Kalyanam

Software Engineer

Jungha Woo's Profile Photo

Jungha Woo

Software Engineer

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Lan Zhao

Research Scientist

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Casey Carlson

Research Network Engineer

Pat Finnegan's Profile Photo

Pat Finnegan

Hardware Engineer

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Ramon Williamson's Profile Photo

Ramon Williamson

Senior Storage Administrator

Rick Irvine's Profile Photo

Rick Irvine

Storage Administrator

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