Purchase Process

Halstead Cluster

Easy Purchase

Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) partners with select vendors to offer ITaP-maintained Community Clusters and research storage options. ITaP Research Computing and Storage offers peace of mind, lower overhead, and are more cost-effective than operating resources yourself.

Purchasing any ITaP Research service is easy! Simply find the option you are interested in below, log in with your career account, and enter your Purdue spending account information in the online form.

You may view your orders at any time. Once your business office has approved the accounts provided, we will contact you with any follow-up questions and direct you to our self-serve account management portal where you can grant access to any researchers or students you wish to authorize.

Community Clusters

ITaP is currently offering purchase of access to nodes in several clusters serving distinct communities. Read the description of each to see which community may best suit your needs.

  • Bell is a Community Cluster optimized for communities running traditional, tightly-coupled science and engineering applications. Bell is being built through a partnership with Dell and AMD over the summer of 2020. Bell consists of Dell compute nodes with two 64-core AMD Epyc "Rome" processors (128 cores per node) and 256 GB of memory. All nodes have 100 Gbps HDR Infiniband interconnect and a 6-year warranty.

  • Gilbreth is a new type of addition to Purdue's Community Clusters, designed specifically for applications which are able to take advantage of GPU accelerators. While applications must be specially-crafted to use GPUs, a GPU-enabled application can often run many times faster than the same application could on general-purpose CPUs. Due to the increased cost of GPU-equipped nodes, Gilbreth is being offered with some new purchase options to allow for shared access at a lower price point than the full cost of a node.

  • The Data Workbench is an interactive compute environment for non-batch big data analysis and simulation, and is a part of Purdue's Community Cluster Program. The Data Workbench consists of HP compute nodes with two 8-core Intel Xeon processors (16 cores per node), and 128 GB of memory. All nodes are interconnected with 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The Data Workbench entered production on October 1, 2017.

Research Storage

ITaP offers enterprise-grade storage at a competitive price to help researchers with their unique storage needs.

  • The Data Depot is a high-capacity, fast, reliable and secure data storage service designed, configured and operated for the needs of Purdue researchers in any field and shareable with both on-campus and off-campus collaborators.

  • A REED Folder is a managed storage solution built on top of the Box.com cloud platform, for research projects requiring compliance with regulations or heightened security.

  • A Box Research Lab Folder is a managed storage solution built on top of the Box.com cloud platform, for research labs to share and collaborate within the lab and with outside collaborators.

Secured Research Services

  • Weber is Purdue's new specialty Community Cluster for restricted and controlled data, applications and research restricted by ITAR or DFARS 800-171. Weber was built in August 2019. Weber currently consists of HP compute nodes with two 10-core Intel Xeon-E5 "Haswell" processors (20 cores per node) and 64 GB of memory. All nodes have 56 Gbps EDR Infiniband interconnect.