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XSEDE 2016

Tutorial: Building a Campus Cyberinfrastructure Hub on the Cloud with HUBzero Tutorial

David Benham (Purdue), Carolyn Ellis (Purdue), Elizabett Hillery (Purdue), Preston Smith (Purdue), Carol Song (Purdue)

This tutorial will provide an overview of this integrated cyberinfrastructure, describe a selected set of of common usage patterns for HUBzero Hubs, and example Hubs of campus CI and science domains.

BOF: Coin of the Realm: Current practices and future opportunities in processing of XSEDE allocations awards and usage data Panel

This BOF seeks to share lessons learned, best practices, and new ideas for how current and future SPs address this important function.

Steve Gallo, Ken Hackworth, Ed Hanna, Dave Hart, Victor Hazlewood, Amy Schuele, Carol Song, Shawn Strande, Rick Wagner

BOF: XSEDE, the Science Gateways Community Institute and You Panel

This BOF will provide an overview of SGCI’s offerings and solicit feedback on additional services the community would like to see.

Maytal Dahan, Sandra Gesing, Linda Hayden, Katherine Lawrence, Suresh Marru, Marlon Pierce, Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, Michael Zentner

The XSEDE BLAST Gateway: Leveraging Campus Development for the XSEDE Gateway Paper

This paper details the core development of BLASTer for campus computing resources at Purdue University, some of its successes among the user community, and the current efforts by an ECSS scientific gateways project from XSEDE to include data-intensive use of resources like Wrangler at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) within the XSEDE network.

Steven Clark, Carol Song, Christopher Thompson