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Patrick Finnegan

Patrick T Finnegan's Profile Photo

Hardware Engineer

Patrick has worked with Research Computing since before finishing his undergraduate degree at Purdue. He worked to build the first centralized Linux Clusters out of reused desktop PCs, moving to administrate systems with AIX, Solaris, Debian, and Redhat Linux. Patrick has spent a lot of time researching alternative and novel architectures for computing, from ARM to POWER, FPGAs, Xeon Phi, and even IBM Z. He has become an expert in power and cooling systems, and designed and implemented several top 500 HPC systems using the resources provided by a 50-year old data center, including 415V power systems, Direct-to-chip liquid cooling. He now is the Research Computing Data Center Architect and designs and plans new system acquisitions to further Research computing's objectives, including physical design and construction for the Anvil supercomputer system.


  • B.S., Computer Engineering Purdue University (2004).


  • Photographer, Assistant staff advisor SC Conference series, Student Cluster Competition (2015-2018)


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