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I Luk Kim

I Luk Kim's Profile Photo

Senior Computational Scientist

I Luk Kim is a Senior Computational Scientist in the Scientific Solutions Group in RCAC. I Luk has extensive expertise in creating science gateways for scientific applications, including multiple web-based applications for hydrologic data and computational tools connected to high-performance computing and visualization resources.

I Luk's research interests include web and system security using program analysis techniques. In particular, his current research focus is finding security vulnerabilities in JavaScript web applications using static and dynamic analysis.


  • B.E., Computer Software, Kwangwoon University, Korea
  • M.E., Information Security, Korea University, Korea
  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Purdue University

Selected Publications

  • Nassar, A., Torres-Rua, A., Merwade, V., Dey, S., Zhao, L., Kim, I. L., ... & Mcelrone, A. J. (2021, April). Development of high performance computing tools for estimation of high-resolution surface energy balance products using sUAS information. In Autonomous Air and Ground Sensing Systems for Agricultural Optimization and Phenotyping VI (Vol. 11747, p. 117470K). International Society for Optics and Photonics.
  • Rajib, A., Kim, I. L., Golden, H. E., Lane, C., & Kumar, S. V. (2020, December). Effect of Remotely Sensed Vegetation in Hydrology and Water Quality Predictions: New Evidence from Large-scale Watershed Modeling. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 2020, pp. H038-0011).
  • Rajib, A., Kim, I. L., Golden, H. E., Lane, C. R., Kumar, S. V., Yu, Z., & Jeyalakshmi, S. (2020). Watershed modeling with remotely sensed big data: MODIS leaf area index improves hydrology and water quality predictions. Remote Sensing, 12(13), 2148.
  • Kalyanam, R., Zhao, L., Song, C., Biehl, L., Kearney, D., Kim, I. L., ... & Merwade, V. (2019). MyGeoHub—A sustainable and evolving geospatial science gateway. Future Generation Computer Systems, 94, 820-832.
  • Zhao, L., Rajib, A., Merwade, V., Shin, J., Kim, I. L., Song, C. X., ... & Lane, C. (2018, December). Bridging the gap between remotely sensed big data and watershed hydrologic models. In AGU Fall Meeting 2018. AGU.
  • Kalyanam, R., Zhao, L., Campbell, R., Kearney, D., Kim, I. L., Shin, J., ... & Song, C. X. (2017, October). MyGeoHub Geospatial Gateway. In demo at Gateways 2017 conference, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Zhao, L., Song, C. X., Kalyanam, R., Biehl, L., Campbell, R., Delgass, L., Kim, I. L., ... & Ellis, C. (2017, June). GABBs-Reusable Geospatial Data Analysis Building Blocks for Science Gateways. In IWSG.
  • Merwade, V., Zhao, L., Song, C. X., Tarboton, D. G., Goodall, J. L., Stealey, M., ... & Kim, I. L. (2016, December). Bridging Hydroinformatics Services Between HydroShare and SWATShare. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 2016, pp. H41B-1332).
  • Rajib, M. A., Merwade, V., Song, C., Zhao, L., Kim, I. L., & Zhe, S. (2014, December). SWATShare-A Platform for Collaborative Hydrology Research and Education with Cyber-enabled Sharing, Running and Visualization of SWAT Models. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 2014, pp. H51K-0752).

Additional information and news on I Luk's group and projects can be found at RCAC Scientific Solutions Group