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Adrienne Hunacek Miller

Adrienne H Miller's Profile Photo

Technology Writer

Adrienne has been the science and technology writer for RCAC since 2016. In this role, she publicizes the many ways in which Purdue faculty and students use RCAC resources to enable ground-breaking scientific discoveries, as well as the outreach and workforce development efforts of RCAC staff. Before becoming a science writer, Adrienne practiced intellectual property law in the Palo Alto, Calif. office of a large international law firm.


  • S.B., Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2007)
  • J.D., Boston College Law School (2010)


  • Judge, National Association of Science Writers 2019 Excellence in Institutional Writing Award (Short-form)

Selected Publications

  • "Ultraviolet Observations of the X-ray Photoionized Wind of Cygnus X-1 during X-ray Soft/High State." (S.D. Vrtilek, B. Boroson, A. Hunacek, D. Geis, & C.T. Bolton), The Astrophysical Journal 678, 1248 (2008).