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ERDAS IMAGINE is a imagery software package used throughout the geospatial community. Designed for image processing, its easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and comprehensive collection of tools will help you create, manage, and analyze accurate base imagery that enhances all your geospatial information. The license allows for the software to be used for educational purposes only and cannot be used for profit or private gain in any way. The software can be use for research purposes as long as the results of the research are in the public domain.

License: 30 Concurrent-Use Licenses

License Server:

Hexagon Geospatial is continuing the student program as a part of our license agreement. Students can obtain a one-year license to use ERDAS Imagine Professional 2018 and/or GeoMedia Professional 2018 on their personal computers for educational use. The licenses are valid until 8/15/2020. The student license are nodelocked and do not require a license server. The activation ids will be provided by the instructor for the class or send a request for an Imagine student activation id to At the end of the installation of Imagine or GeoMedia, the application may automatically run a configuration wizard where you can use your provided Activation ID or the application will allow you to provide the Activation ID when you first run the software where you would just paste in your Activation ID into the Node Locked Activation ID field.

ERDAS IMAGINE only supports the Windows operating system.

The installers for a couple of versions of ERDAS Imagine and example images can be downloaded from ''. The links below will take you to the installers for the respective version. GeoMedia can be used with student licenses (if desired).