GitHub & Version Control

ITaP Research Computing operates a local instance of GitHub. This instance offers all the features of, however, under the control of and hosted by ITaP and is integrated with Purdue Career Accounts. Each research group can be provided with and given full control over an organization within the GitHub instance where repositories can be created and access configured as desired. Repositories can also be made private to groups to protect work not meant to be publicly available. It provides the full functionality of paid memberships with, at no cost to Purdue researchers.

There are many resources available on the Internet about using GitHub. Most guides and tutorials for will also apply to the ITaP instance of GitHub. Some links to external documentation are provided below, as well as several pages within our site describing GitHub.

Tutorials provided by GitHub covering the basics of using Git and GitHub.

Getting Started
Managing Users
Creating repositories
Moving Repositories
Organization and Teams
Promoting and Demoting Managers/Owners
Using Git
ITaP Research Computing Github vs
Citing code in academic literature
Using SVN
Regular maintenance