July SGCI Webinar with Project Jupyter

July 20, 2017  1:00pm – 2:00pm

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Jupyter as a Gateway for Scientific Collaboration and Education Presented by Carol Willing, Cal Poly SLO and Jupyter Steering Council

Project Jupyter, evolved from the IPython environment, provides a platform for interactive computing that is widely used today in research, education, journalism and industry. The core premise of the Jupyter architecture is to design tools around the experience of interactive computing. The Jupyter Notebook, a system that allows users to compose rich documents that combine narrative text and mathematics together with live code and the output of computations in any format compatible with a web browser, provides a foundation for scientific collaboration. The next generation of the Jupyter web interface, JupyterLab, will combine in a single user interface not only the notebook, but multiple other tools to access Jupyter services and remote computational resources and data. JupyterHub enables Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab to be used by groups of users for research collaboration and education.

Previous webinar descriptions, materials, and video can be found on our website.

Originally posted: June 28, 2017  3:29pm