Purdue Women in HPC (WHPC) December meeting

December 6, 2017  3:00pm – 4:30pm
RAWL 1062

Purdue Women in HPC (WHPC) will host a meeting on Wednesday, December 6th for ALL individuals with an interest in learning more about high performance computing (HPC) and with an interest in supporting the advancement of women in technology.


Our December meeting will feature two presentations (from 3:00 to 4:00 PM) by invited speakers Dr. Sherry Towers and Lev Gorenstein.

Dr. Towers is a visiting scholar from Arizona State University who has a diverse background in mathematical and computational modeling, applied statistics, informatics, advanced quantitative methods, high performance computing, and data mining. She will discuss "Using HPC resources to optimize the parameters of dynamical models for disease and human behaviors: with analyses of Zika outbreaks, mass panic, and contagion in mass killings as examples."

Lev Gorenstein is a Senior Scientific Applications Analyst in the ITaP Research Computing Support team as well as an advisor for the various Student Cluster Competition teams Purdue has mentored. He will give a brief overview of HPC and the resources available to you on campus.

Our agenda will also include an optional opportunity to stay and network with other members of the group from 4:00 to 4:30 PM if your schedule will allow.

Don’t forget: networking is one of the biggest benefits to belonging to a group like WHPC!


Register for the December 6th meeting here


Questions, comments or feedback? Email: whpc-info@purdue.edu

Follow us at @purduewhpc.

Originally posted: November 6, 2017  5:34pm