BIOL 59500 - High Performance Computing (HPC) for Life Sciences Class

March 6, 2018 – April 26, 2018
UNIV 319

In collaboration with the Department of Biological Sciences, Research Computing will be offering an eight-week course, BIOL 59500, High Performance Computing (HPC) for Life Sciences.

  • This course introduces advanced undergraduates and graduate students to using the Purdue RCAC compute clusters, the Unix operating system, and the cluster batch-operating system. This course is targeted at students in the College of Agriculture and other life sciences. No previous experience with the Unix operating system, programming, or genomics is required.

  • The course will focus on examples drawn from genomics, bioinformatics, and other life science applications. For spring 2018, the primary focus will be on hands-on analysis of differential gene expression using RNA-Seq data. Each week, the Tuesday session will be primarily lecture-based and introduce new material. The Thursday session will focus on hands-on examples and use of the methods. Students must bring a laptop to the Thursday sessions in order to connect to RCAC compute systems.


  • Gladys Andino, Research Computing
  • Michael Gribskov, Biological Sciences and Computer Science
  • Nadia Atallah, Purdue Cancer Center

Location: UNIV 319 Time: 10:30 am - 11:20 am Days: TR

Originally posted: January 18, 2018  11:25am