Purdue WHPC January 2019 Meeting Announcement

January 23, 2019  12:00pm – 1:00pm
RAWL 1071

Purdue Women in HPC (WHPC) is pleased to host a meeting on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 from 12:00 to 1:00 PM in RAWL 1071.

This month, we are excited to provide an interactive opportunity to sharpen your communication skills and add a new resource to your professional development "toolkit."

ALL individuals with an interest in learning more about high performance computing (HPC) and supporting the advancement of women in technology are invited to attend.

Professional Development Workshop: Learn how to Communicate your Research or Project

Researchers are continually being asked to explain their work by funding agencies, fellow peers, and at conferences. Learn how you can communicate your research or project with a "Napkin Drawing." A Napkin Drawing is a technical design of an idea that adequately describes the problem your research/project is trying to solve through verbal and visual communication.

Guest presenters, Juliana Casavan and Claire Stirm, will walk through the process of what to think about when creating a napkin drawing and will lead an interactive exercise of creating a napkin drawing. Previously presented at the Science Gateways Community Institute, our guest speakers have provided NSF-funded in-person resources and services with a goal to facilitate the sharing of experiences, technologies, and practices with all research communities. 

About Juliana Casavan:

Juliana Casavan is the Entrepreneurial Programs Manager at The Foundry at Purdue University. Juliana provides educational and workshop opportunities for clients of The Purdue Foundry, a nationally recognized leader in the translation of research to market, with the primary workshop called LaunchBox. Juliana has been providing the LaunchBox program to faculty, staff, students and community members for over four years.

About Claire Stirm:

Claire Stirm is the Engagement Manager for the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) and HUBzero at Purdue University. Claire manages the SGCI Incubator consulting projects, regarding cybersecurity, UX, business, marketing, licensing, and project sustainability. Claire also coordinates the Science Gateways Bootcamps, a week-long workshop for research teams. 


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Originally posted: January 14, 2019  5:30pm