New Burst Storage Available on Gilbreth

July 8, 2019

We are pleased to announce that Gilbreth’s burst buffer scratch file system is now open for beta testing.

This file system, which augments the normal cluster scratch file system, is comprised entirely of super-fast NVMe storage and a totally new set of file system software. Users with intense bandwidth needs or whose applications require the allocation of billions of small files are encouraged to try the burst buffer for their workflows.

If you think your workload could benefit, send us an email at briefly explaining your workflow and storage space requirements and we will get you started.

Burst buffers are best utilized during job execution to hold performance critical data. Users should consider which phases of their jobs require peak performance and design workflows to move that data in and out of Gilbreth’s burst buffer file system during those jobs phases.

Originally posted: July 8, 2019  1:30pm