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SDSC Announcing Data Allocations

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SDSC is pleased to announce an expansion in services, resources and capabilities provided to scientific researchers.

For nearly 20 years, SDSC has made available a wide range of computational resources. However, in recent years, the rate of data generation has increased such that data storage, management and analysis are now fundamental challenges encountered by scientists. To address these data-centric needs, SDSC is pleased to announce and launch "Data Central". This new and unique program, the first of its kind, makes data allocations available to the US research community in order to support large community data collections and databases.

Do you need…

  • Additional data storage resources as you outgrow your own on-site resources?
  • An efficient way to make a data collection publicly accessible?
  • The ability to organize, manage and store massive amounts of data?
  • To share data via a data grid or publish in a digital library?
  • Additional tightly coupled computational power for database queries or analysis?
  • File streaming capabilities?
  • Interactive access to large data collections or databases?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we encourage you to consider SDSC’s Data Central as a possible solution to your problem. Eligible researchers may request a data allocation from SDSC (with or without a compute allocation) that permits expanded access to SDSC's Data Central facilities for data collection (flat files or SRB ) and database hosting. These capabilities make it possible to share with colleagues specialized data collections or the large data sets that result from computations. It also enables participants an avenue to publish data for access by the broader scientific community.

In order to support these endeavors, SDSC has made a number of data storage resources, tools and the associated expertise available to users. With storage facilities offering more than one Petabyte of online disk and six Petabytes of archival tape storage, SDSC currently hosts more than 50 publicly available data collections.

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