Cyberinfrastructure Seminar Series to be carried in the Envision Center AG Node

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July 13, 2006

Purdue University will be carrying the following seminar in the Envision Center Access Grid Node from 2-3:30pm on Tuesday, December 6th.

Cyberinfrstructure Seminar Series

GridShib: An Attribute-Basaed Authorization Framework

Tom Scavo, NCSA

Von Welch, NCSA

As grid-based virtual organizations (VOs) have grown, the cost associated with VO-based authentication and authorization infrastructure has also grown. To minimize the associated deployment and maintenance costs, there is increasing interest in leveraging existing site authentication and authorization infrastructure to establish virtual organizations.

The Globus Toolkit is the leading toolkit for the deployment of grids. Shibboleth is a project from the Internet2 community that allows for cross-organizational sharing of web resources. GridShib builds on these existing technologies to allow for interoperability between them so that virtual organizations built on Globus Toolkit can leverage Shibboleth. The GridShib software release consists of two plug-ins: one for the Globus Toolkit and another for Shibboleth. With both plug-ins installed and configured, a Globus Toolkit Grid Service Provider may securely request user attributes from a Shibboleth Attribute Authority.

This talk provides overviews of the Globus Toolkit, Shibboleth and GridShib, as well as future challenges. The talk will be technical, but will not presume an understanding of security.

The Cyberinfrastructure Seminar Series is a set of presentations on cyberinfrastructure and related research organized by NCSA and SDSC. These seminars are available on site at the presenting institution and remotely via the Access Grid.

Originally posted: July 13, 2006