Envision Center wins honors from Campus Technology magazine

September 11, 2006

Purdue's Envision Center for Data Perceptualization was chosen by Campus Technology magazine as one of the winers of its Campus Technology Innovators 2006 competition.

Purdue won in the category of "Virtual and Immersive Learning". The awards were announced in the magazine's August 1st issue and is available at http://www.campus-technology.com/article.asp?id=18945

The article outlines Purdue's need for a way to display data in three dimensions; the faculty idea for the center; the steps of the grant, benchmarking, obtaining advice and donations from companies, and plans for the future. The article describes four of the technologies available in the Center: VR Theater, Motion Capture, Tiled Wall, and the Access Grid.

Campus Technology received 480 nominations. Purdue shared its category's top spot with Applachian State University which devised a scalable "world" for coursework, meetings, and social interaction.

Originally posted: September 11, 2006