[RCAC Friday Workshop - Partner Forum] Autonomous real-time value-driven data augmentation in the era of big-data astronomy

Please join us this Friday, September 4, 2020 as Niharika Sravan, Post Doc working in conjunction with Professor Danny Milisavljevic in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, discusses their research and how RCAC resources empower their work.

Abstract -

Robotic telescopes monitoring the sky with unprecedented resolution, both spatial and temporal, are producing a deluge of data that are rendering traditional human-guided data collection and inference techniques impractical. In order to maximize the science potential of data collected and limited follow-up resources, autonomous systems reacting in real-time to simultaneously maximize diverse science goals are needed. In this talk, we present a novel AI system called REFITT (Recommender Engine For Intelligent Transient Tracking) that strategizes and coordinates follow-up for augmenting sparse astronomical time series in real-time, optimizing science gained versus data collection costs. We discuss the use of RCAC resources for handling data throughput and processing and co-ordinating follow-up with a global network of allied observing agents.

Originally posted: August 31, 2020 7:44am EDT