[RCAC Friday Workshop Series] Partner Forum - Controlling microwave superconducting elements for quantum computing and cosmology.

RCAC at Purdue is proud to host guest speaker Gustavo Cancelo in our Friday Workshop Series.

Abstract: Radio frequency superconducting elements are one of the most promising technologies for achieving quantum supremacy and for detecting the faintest signals from the cosmos. This talk will focus on the classical systems needed to control and help R&D superconducting qubits to the next level. The talk will also cover how superconducting detectors and controls are used in the search of dark matter, neutrinos and dark energy.

Gustavo Cancelo (Fermilab):

PhD in Electronic Engineering, University of La Plata Argentina, 1996.

Professor of University of La Plata.

Principal engineer at Fermilab (Scientific Computing Division)

Fermilab Principal Investigator for Fermilab in Readout and Control for QIS.

Originally posted: October 27, 2020 2:39pm EDT