Data Depot Migration FAQ

May 11, 2021 - August 1, 2021
Data Depot

The following are highlights and answers to frequently asked questions about the Data Depot Hardware Replacement and Migration.

How do I know if my Data Depot space has been migrated?
  • Majority of spaces have been migrated during May 11-12 maintenance.
  • All members of each Data Depot space have been sent emails listing migration status of their space(s).
  • Check with a handy web-based tool:
  • For the spaces that were not migrated during the main transition downtime, we will work individually with affected research groups to schedule convenient migration time in the coming weeks.
Do I need to do anything?
  • If your space has not been migrated yet: no special actions necessary. Continue using Data Depot the same way you have been.
  • If your space has been migrated:
    • Network drive users will need to disconnect their old network drives and re-map them using new server. See "How do I access my Data Depot space if it has been migrated?" question below.
    • All other access methods continue functioning as before (no special actions necessary).
How do I access my Data Depot space if it has been migrated?
  • On the clusters: no change. It is the same /depot/mylab directory.
  • Globus: no change. It is the same Purdue Research Computing - Data Depot endpoint (and same shared collections off of it).
  • SCP and SFTP access: no change. It is the same access host.
  • Sharing via WWW: no change. It is the same address.
  • Mac/Windows network drives (SMB/CIFS): small change
    • Very similar to before, but substitute as server name.
    • The User Guide section has been updated to reflect the changes.
How do I access my Data Depot space if it has not been migrated?
  • No change. Continue operating the very same way you have been doing.
  • We will reach out to your lab shortly to coordinate the time for migration.
What happens to my old Data Depot space after it has been migrated?
  • After each Data Depot space is copied onto the new hardware platform, the old data is made read-only and locked down on old servers for the duration of the entire transition period.
  • Once every space is successfully migrated, the old hardware will be decommissioned.
How long will this Data Depot transition project take?
  • Majority of Data Depot spaces have been migrated during the May 11-12 maintenance. For the several spaces that could not be completed during the maintenance time frame, we will work with space owners to schedule their migrations in the following weeks.
  • We anticipate to complete all data migrations during summer of 2021. Upon completing all data transfers, we will announce one more scheduled maintenance downtime to finalize all changes (likely in mid-July or early August).

Originally posted: April 21, 2021 11:33am