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Purdue TeraGrid staff and students present at CondorWeek 2009

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Condor Week is a four-day annual gathering of Condor developers, collaborators and users at the home of the Condor development team: University of Wisconsin, Madison. This is a well-attended forum where researchers and practitioners exchange ideas and experiences, learn about latest research, and influence the research and development directions for the Condor software. Condor Week 2009 took place during April 20th - 23rd, 2009.

Purdue TeraGrid staff Preston Smith presented our experience and challenges of building and operating a large scale Condor pool (BoilerGrid) that harvest idle computer cycles from many corners of the Purdue's main campus, Purdue's regional campuses, and a number of academic institutions including University of Notre Dame, Indiana University, and University of Wisconsin, Madison. The total number of CPUs currently in the pool is more than 23,000.

Purdue ECE graduate student Jungha Woo, who works on the TeraGrid project, presented the Condor Java Daemon Core project, a collaboration among Purdue, Indiana University, and University of Wisconsin to develop a scalable tool for accessing and managing Condor job status reports in a large pool such as the Purdue Condor pool. Nathan Patterson, a Purdue Mechanical Engineering graduate student presented his research on rounding in the beer distribution game. Patterson's research was made possible with the Purdue Boilergrid.

Smith's presentation: Condor on campus: BoilerGrid, DiaGrid and Beyond (can be accessed at:

Woo's presentation: Condor Java Daemon Core

Patterson's presentation: A High Throughput Computing Analysis of Rounding in the Beer Distribution Game

Additional presentations at the CondorWeek 2009 can be found at

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