ITaP sets Jan. 4 deadline for buying into the new Coates cluster

  • December 9, 2009
  • Announcements

ITaP is issuing a “last call” to Purdue researchers who may want to buy nodes in the new Coates community cluster supercomputer.

Those wishing to buy into Coates should place an order at: The deadline for submitting orders for the remaining nodes is Monday, Jan. 4, 2010.

The Coates Cluster has five node configuration options from which to choose, varying in amount of memory and local storage capacity. They are:
Cores Memory Local disk
8 16GB 500GB
8 32GB 500GB
8 16GB 2TB
8 32GB 2TB
8 128GB 2TB

Each configuration uses 2.5GHz quad-core AMD processors and 10GigE network interconnects. If you have questions about joining the Coates cluster, please send email to:

ITaP’s Rosen Center for Advanced Computing brought Coates online in July. The cluster can hold a maximum of 1,280 nodes and currently contains 965. To date, more than 46 faculty members from 21 departments have purchased Coates hardware.

Coates is a community cluster, purchased with funding from Purdue researchers. ITaP provides the infrastructure and utilities for community clusters and builds, operates and maintains them, including assistance in getting research applications running. Researchers always have access to the nodes they purchase and, potentially, to far more computing power from other nodes when they’re idle.

The community cluster model maximizes the use of Purdue’s computational resources for engineering, science and social science research. Reduced pricing from group purchasing also allows Purdue researchers to buy more computing power than they otherwise might be able to afford.

Planning for the next cluster is underway and it’s anticipated to be ready in summer 2010. For updates, please join RCAC’s community cluster mailing list.

Originally posted: December 9, 2009