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Cooling problems on coates-b, -c, and -e nodes

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Coates-b, -c, and -e nodes have been powered down due to a problem with a CDU (cooling distribution unit) that cools those systems. PBS jobs running on those nodes at the time have been requeued for execution after cooling has been restored and the nodes have been returned to production. We are working to correct the cooling problem but are currently unable to say when the nodes will be returned to service.

Update as of 3pm on 4/6/2010: Coate-b, -c, and -e nodes are being powered back up in preparation for their being returned to production, and PBS job scheduling is expected to be re-enabled on them by 5pm.

Final update: Coates-b, -c, and -e nodes were powered up by 4:30pm Tuesday, 4/6, and normal job scheduling on all nodes in the cluster resumed by 5pm.

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