Coates scratch directory changes on 2/22 and 3/31

April 1, 2011

The default scratch directory location for the Coates Linux cluster has changed from the BlueArc storage servers to the Lustre storage system installed last summer.

Starting March 31st, your BlueArc scratch directory will be read-only from Coates nodes. You must now use your Lustre scratch directory in all Coates jobs.

As part of this change, your $RCAC_SCRATCH environment variable on Coates has been changed so its contains the location of your Lustre scratch directory, which is also reported by the "findscratch" command. For compatibility, your $RCAC_SCRATCH_OLD environment variable contains the location of your BlueArc scratch directory.

You can use these environment variables to copy the contents of your BlueArc scratch directory into your Lustre directory. One way to do that would be to log onto and run the command


If you would like to check to see which files and directories would be copied without actually copying them, you could run the command


Please refer questions to "".

Originally posted: April 1, 2011