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Replacement of "notebook.gilbreth" by Open OnDemand

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As part of the July 20th [REVISED] Scheduled Gilbreth Upgrade, the Jupyter notebook service at will be retired. The old notebook service shares a single GPU on the Gilbreth front-ends among many users, leading to resource contention and poor performance.

Instead, users can enjoy the convenience of running Jupyter notebooks in a browser on a dedicated GPU using two different interactive computing services:

  1. Jupyter Interactive App: Researchers can use Gilbreth’s Open OnDemand Gateway to launch a Jupyter session from Simply log in and select Jupyter from the Interactive Apps drop-down menu. For more information on how to use Gateway, please refer to the Gilbreth Gateway User Guide.
  2. Interactive Desktop: Researchers familiar with launching Jupyter Notebooks from the command line can create their own Jupyter Notebooks by using the Jupyterhub environment module. Simply start a desktop session through ThinLinc or the Gilbreth Open OnDemand Gateway, then within a terminal, use the module load jupyterhub command followed by jupyter notebook to create a Jupyter Notebook session.

By using Gilbreth’s Open OnDemand Gateway instead of “notebook.gilbreth”, researchers will be able to launch their Jupyter Notebooks with exclusive access to the GPU resources on specialized compute nodes rather than using shared resources for all Jupyter notebooks.

If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to

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