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Gilbreth: Changes to Default Package Versions

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As part of the July 20th Gilbreth Upgrade, the default versions of many software packages were updated. For a complete list of updated packages, please consult the table below.

Modules with Updated Devault Versions
Module Name Old Default Version New Default Version
anaconda 5.1.0-py36 2020.11-py38
cuda 10.0.130 11.2.0
cudnn cuda-10.0_7.5 cuda-11.2_8.1
learning conda-5.1.0-py36-gpu conda-2020.11-py38-gpu
openmpi 2.1.6-gpu 3.1.6-gpu-cuda11
r 3.6.3 4.1.2
rstudio 1.3.959 2021.09

Please also note that CUDA drivers were also updated from version 460.27.04 to 515.48.07.

If your workflow depends on a specific version of an updated package, and you previously loaded its module without appending a specific version, you will need to change your jobscripts to specify your required version. This is especially important for users who may have created personal environments using the old default anaconda.

If you need help modifying your jobscripts or have questions regarding this change, please contact

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