Regular account expiration starting on ITaP research clusters

  • February 7, 2012
  • Announcements

In February, 2012, many accounts belonging to former Purdue students and staff will be retired.

For most computing services at Purdue, your Purdue Career Account and email will remain active as long as you remain affiliated with Purdue University. Since some services are based on your specific affiliation, certain services will be removed immediately.

Students no longer registered and taking courses in a given semester, and faculty/staff no longer at Purdue will lose access to Purdue computing resources after their affiliation ends. This removal process takes place twice a year - at Spring and October breaks.

Accounts for December graduates are deleted during Spring Break and accounts for May and August graduates are deleted during October Break. Faculty and staff accounts are also purged on the same bi-annual schedule.

What does this mean for your group members on the Community Clusters?

Following students' graduation or departure of research faculty or postdocs, they will automatically lose access to clusters on the schedule described above. All files in home directories will be safely archived. If you have a business need for former students, postdocs, or collaborators to retain their access to research clusters, all you need to do is use the Request for Privilege process (R4P) to make this possible. Please contact your business office or departmental IT support for assistance with this process.

Originally posted: February 7, 2012