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Brown New Home Directories

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In the recently announced September 1st Brown Maintenance, home directories on Brown will be separated from the legacy home filesystem shared with several other clusters.

Everyone will be given a new, empty, home directory on Brown with a 25 GB limit. Please use one of the following methods to copy files from your current legacy home directory to your new Brown home directory:

  • Globus: A new Globus endpoint, “Purdue Brown Cluster - Home Directories”, has been created for your new Brown home directory. You can select and transfer files and folders from your legacy home directory to your new Brown home using Globus. Here is a direct link to the Transfer Brown Home Directory Files page. Globus does not normally show hidden files and folders such as “.bashrc”, so you will want to enable the “Show Hidden Items” option to allow you to see and transfer these configuration files (the eye-in-folder icon under the “hamburger” options menu). Still more information on how to use Globus may be found in the Brown User Guide - Globus Transfer Section

  • copy-rcac-home: This is a custom tool which will transfer most of your current legacy home directory contents to your new Brown home directory. You need to log in to a Brown front-end host and run copy-rcac-home in a terminal. For more details, see the Brown User Guide - copy-rcac-home Section.

  • Unix tools: You may also use typical command line utilities such as cp and rsync to copy files from your legacy home directory to your new Brown home directory. Your new Brown home directory is already available under /home-new/$USER. After the maintenance, your legacy home directory will be available under /home-old/$USER and will remain available for several weeks after the transition.

On September 1st, your home directory on Brown will switch from the current legacy home directory to the new Brown home directory. If you have not copied your shell configuration files or research work files prior to this, you will need to then do so in order to continue using Brown as you had been. On October 1st, your old legacy home directory will no longer be available on Brown.

If you use Windows to access your Brown home directory, following this transition you will need to update your drive mapping as follows:

  • Windows: \\\brown-home
  • MacOS or Linux: smb://

Please reach out to if you have any questions about this transition.

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