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Purdue part of new quantum research collaborative

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Led by the Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (RCAC), Purdue has joined as a founding partner in the new Quantum Collaborative launched by Arizona State University. The Quantum Collaborative is a major 21st century initiative poised to profoundly impact society and the American economy with new discoveries and applications in advanced quantum technology.

The Quantum Collaborative is a Hub within the IBM Quantum Network, a global community of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, startups and national labs with prioritized access to IBM's quantum computers, experts and resources. As a Hub in IBM's network, partners within the Quantum Collaborative can draw on IBM's quantum technology and resources to work to deliver incremental advances in the emerging technology landscape.

In addition to fundamental research and technology development, another key aim of the Quantum Collaborative is workforce and education program development, a goal that Purdue is well-positioned to achieve.

Preston Smith, RCAC executive director, notes: “Joining the ASU Quantum Collaborative will provide access to new resources for Purdue’s quantum initiatives that we previously did not have available to us. Our membership will allow Purdue faculty to access IBM’s quantum computers, including machines ranging from 7 up to 27 qubits.”

RCAC plans to hire a research scientist in quantum computing to help support and drive adoption of quantum methods.

Writer: Adrienne Miller, science and technology writer, Rosen Center for Advanced Computing,

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