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Rebecca Sharples and Suzanna Gardner presenting: "A Woman of Color’s Transnational Lived Experiences through an Intersectional Feminist Lens: A Qualitative Narrative Inquiry"

  • Envision Center (STEW B001)
  • Events

Suzanna Gardner and Rebecca Sharples, both highly motivated women and staunch feminists, will tell the stories of their lives, their friendship, and the research journey into Suzanna's life they undertook during Rebecca's doctoral program. They wil discuss the evolution and progression of how their own challenges and successes made them who they are today, current events and statistics specific to women's status here in the US, Central Asia, and globally, and how they both continue to work towards advancing the status of women and girls across the world.

Seating is limited, register here:

A virtual option is available here for those not able to attend in-person.

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