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Envision Center hosts annual student presentation event

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The Rosen Center for Advanced Computing (RCAC)’s Envision Center will host a student presentation event on Thursday, April 25 from 1-2:30 pm for the center’s students to share their work in a series of lightning talks.

Vaughn Valentino, a junior double majoring in animation and visual effects and web programming and design offers more insight into his time working at the Envision Center. His project focuses on the visualization of climate change’s impact on well known landmarks. “Working at the Envision Center has been an amazing opportunity,” says Valentino.

“I’ve had the ability to learn and work alongside like-minded individuals, create meaningful projects for clients of all different backgrounds, and grow my professional and artistic skills. Not only has the work been fundamental in my growth as a professional and artist, but I feel like I'm making a real impact with the work I do. Working at the center as a student artist has been an amazing experience and I believe that the skills I have gained from working here, as well as the people I have met, will aid me in finding success as I continue my professional career post-grad.”

Uma Claire Teelock, a junior double majoring in game development and design, animation, and VFX is eager for her first lightning talk at the center. Her project focuses on measuring how far away a person veers away from two people arguing depending on their race.

“I am excited to do my first lightning talk this year! It will be interesting to see what my peers have been working on here at the Envision Center and I look forward to getting any insights about how I can improve my own processes. I intend on talking about a VR research project in which I implemented some mocap animations.”

Another project of focus from the Envision Center students is a VR project specializing in Teaching Assistant training.

The Envision Center welcomes all visitors to come and view the presentations of the students and enjoy some refreshments. Additionally, graduating seniors will be honored at the end of the event.

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