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Upgraded Radon Scratch Storage Available Now

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As of May 5, 2014, ITaP is in the process of upgrading the hardware that provides scratch storage for the Radon cluster. When the process is completed, Radon users will have a higher-capacity, higher-performance storage system, available as /scratch/radon

This new directory is available effective immediately, and you should start using it for all your work. In order to give you time to transfer your data to the new space, your older scratch directory will remain available through May 20, 2014, at which point scratch96 will become read-only, prior to final decommissioning.

Also on May 20, the environment variable $CLUSTER_SCRATCH will be changed to /scratch/radon/$initial/$username, where $initial is the first letter of your career account username.

To transfer your files from BlueArc scratch into Radon's new scratch system: (in this case for the user "kelley")

rsync -auH /scratch/scratch96/k/kelley/ /scratch/radon/k/kelley/

As always, please contact us at for any questions, problems, or concerns.

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