September workshop offers introduction to high-performance computing with Linux

September 8, 2015  1:00pm – 5:00pm
Stanley Coulter Hall, Room 277

ITaP Research Computing will host an introductory workshop in September for students, staff and faculty looking to enhance their skills in using Linux-based high-performance computing systems like the new Rice cluster and Purdue’s other Community Cluster Program supercomputers.

The workshop, to cover topics ranging from batch submission tools and running jobs to file backups and storage, will take place from 1- 5 p.m. Sept. 8 in Stanley Coulter Hall, Room 277.

There is no registration fee. Those who complete the short survey and find that the workshop is full will be notified automatically of future workshops this semester.

Participants need to have an account on Purdue’s Radon cluster, which is available for general campus use.

Stephen Harrell, the scientific applications analyst who coordinates training for ITaP Research Computing, says the session can be valuable for anyone who wants to use Purdue’s community clusters or systems like them.

The workshop will cover transferring files, simple file usage, file compression, file permissions and file backups along with advanced text manipulation. It also will highlight useful UNIX tools and the use of batch submission tools, as well as how and where to run jobs and storage hierarchy.

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Originally posted: August 20, 2015  10:16am